God's Bathtub

Quantum physics is a very strange world
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God's Bathtub

Post by hollowsolid » Fri Nov 16, 2012 1:48 pm

This thought experiment has echoes of QM physicist John Wheeler's famous diagram of an emergent eye looking at itself.

Consider a very extensive medium which may be either finite or infinite in expanse
and which is totally composed of a surface of bubbles of varying scale.

Phenomena in this media occur as displacements from the surface of the bath and appear as combinations of these bubbles taking
on an array of geometric forms- lumps of bubbles if you like.

Consider a being composed of those same bubbles emerging from the bath just as other
phenomena do.

Ignore for a moment the mechanism by which both phenomena and the being emerge from
the surface of the bath.

Ignore the issue of consciousness or other unknown qualities of the being.

Consider that neither the being nor other phenomena are ever completely separate
from the bath.

I ask:

* What phenomena could such a being observe in this universe and to what detail?

*Is such a being able to observe the boundaries that exist between bubbles?

*Could such a being engaging in such observation do so without changing the bath
itself and therefore its own make up and therefore in an infinite loop, how it observes
what it observes?

*If in reality the bubbles do not exist and phenomena appear as displacement/distortion of
a totally contiguous bath, is the being able to observe the difference between a
quantized reality and a totally continuous one?

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Re: God's Bathtub

Post by Xarcherhillier » Fri Feb 22, 2013 7:08 am

This is very interesting and I would love to explore more on this topic.

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Re: God's Bathtub

Post by andyemoulton » Thu May 23, 2013 11:11 am

There's just a lot of questions about God that still need to be answered.

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Re: God's Bathtub

Post by beacon43 » Tue May 28, 2013 6:57 am

Exactly.. There are so many question to ask related to God and His Blessings.. See the books & search answers of questions. You will find what you want.

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