Humor in the elogbook

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Humor in the elogbook

Post by Tau 2 » Wed Apr 15, 2015 1:55 pm

For those of you reading the elogbook,
Please show you the funniest entries you found. Sometimes they can be pretty interesting.
For starters, here are some entries I found:

MPP log, april 3, 13:26:
Spent a few hours of Good Friday to analyse a big RB.A34 quench + propagation to RQ. All done, all oke. Now going home eating eggs.

OP log, feb 22, 10:23:
RB.A81 reached the nominal current without quench!!!!
youppidou!!! :-)

OP log, april 13, 4:06, showing a slightly buggy graph:
modern art page 1
- Tau

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