Active Hypercycle acronym angst - 10 Aps ?

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Active Hypercycle acronym angst - 10 Aps ?

Post by gilgamorph » Sun Jul 15, 2012 10:48 pm


I'm embarrassed to admit I can't guess what "A"s per second they are referring to by Aps in the hypercycle.
Google searches combining Aps with various LHC terms proved fruitless, and searching "LHC Hypercycle" turned up only
a Feb 2010 post to the What Do the Displays Mean? topic back when the hypercycle was NOM_1.18TEV_2010.
Nothing fruitful searching the forum further, either.

As shown on the LHC Configuration page

Active Hypercycle: 4TEV_10Aps_0.6m

4 TEV - target energy, each beam
10 Aps - ?
0.6m - target focus of Beta*=0.6 m at IP1 and IP5

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Re: Active Hypercycle acronym angst - 10 Aps ?

Post by chriwi » Mon Jul 16, 2012 7:17 am

sorry for making a wild guess:

maybe it just means Amperes per second and could mean the slope of the ramp, by how many amperes the current in the magnets is increased every second. ... /Chpt7.pdf I found something called ramp rate and they mention that it is nominal ~10A/s for the LHC this would match the Aps value from the configpage.
This would be an important parameter for the turnaround time and the time needed for precycling.


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Re: Active Hypercycle acronym angst - 10 Aps ?

Post by DCWhitworth » Mon Jul 16, 2012 7:57 am

I think you're right Chriwi, its the powering rate for the ramp. It's been pretty constant now for a while but they moved up to that level in September 2010 I think. The original ramp was much more sedate.

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