How determine the kind of particle

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How determine the kind of particle

Post by Nemesis » Sun Apr 11, 2010 4:13 pm

Hello every one,

Following this link: ... nline.html

When it has collisions in the alice detector, we saw the trajectoryies of the particles.

What is the kind of particle for each color of trajectory ? It could be funny to say: HOH ! look à the quarks ! But I cannot because I actually don't know wich color mean wich particle...


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Re: How determine the kind of particle

Post by bodenqjesse » Mon Jul 08, 2013 3:52 am

Cool! How did you find this one out?

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Re: How determine the kind of particle

Post by chriwi » Tue Jul 09, 2013 7:26 pm

as far as I remember different colors in the trajectories are only to distinguish different trajectories, without showing different particles. At least for Atlas they wrote this. most details are visable by the colors of LHCB-visualisation, but even here they not descripe single types of particles for shure.


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